problem after reinstalling windows

By apaullo
May 29, 2007
  1. hello

    i have a problem after reinstalling the windows, you see when i repaired the my windows due to problems i leave the system intact and it was repaired successfully

    everything was fine until i get to the after browsing my windows i discovered that i cant open my previous administrator account folder that has a password...

    now that i have a different account along with the new windows i cant retrieve my old files from my previous account

    is there any way that i can retrieve my old files?

    i really need those files badly as it is my thesis :(

    need help guys!!
  2. sura63

    sura63 TS Rookie

    I am also facing same type of problem. After reinstalling windows I cannot open any of the MS office applications, word, excel or power point. Unfortunately the MS office CD which I had is also got damaged. so I cannot reinstall MS office also. Is there any way I can repair or use the MS office applications.
    Thanks for your help.
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