Problem using any Internet Browser

By cL4r4
Dec 22, 2009
  1. I have problems using any kind of Internet Browser(IE, Firefox) on Windows Vista.

    When I open Firefox, the default page works fine. But when I try to open another page, the Firefox stop working.
    In IE, it stops working as soon as I open.

    I've tried to uninstall/ reinstall both Firefox and IE but the problems still exist.
    Then I tried to disable my Windows Firewall(I do not have any other firewall or anti-virus software programs installed) but there still got the problem.

    When I ping the website and my router, i got the reply.
    Other computers at home are working fine.

    So is there any solution to the problem I face? I would be much appreciated if you could guide what should I do to solve that problem because my knowledge to the computers is very basic.

    Thank you guys.
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,477   +126

    Sounds like something has change in your system profile. You can do a few things?

    1. Backup all your cookies, desktop icons, and favorites to another location or zip drive
    2. Go into the safe mode and create another Admin name. Once you do that log out and then back in with the new name. Now go an delete your current profile. Doing this will fix the issues you have with the browsers. You might have to install some third-party software that disappears in your all programs menu. Other than that Windows will rebuild your profiled with out the junk in the prior.

    The other choices are to run in safe mode Malware Cleaner or Rising AV 2009 Free International version to see if anything is cloaked on your system that's causes you these issues?
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