Problem with ATI Radeon 9250 Pro

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Oct 11, 2009
  1. My graphic card is 256 Mb Ati Radeon 9250 Pro but i have a problem.Actually i am not sure the problem is about my graphic card but i hope you can help me with it.
    I am facing with the problem while i am playing the game Dota.While in game my screen is freezing like about 3-4 seconds than it goes black screen.After this happens i can still hear the game voices which show the game is running normally but all i see is a black screen so i have to reset pc every time this happens.I downloaded the latest version of graphic card driver from the offical site and i used a program named Vmt to test my graphic card but it says no error found.What can be the problem?I need your help.
  2. Ritwik7

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    What are your system specs? Also tell us about your PSU.

    Have you checked what your GPU temps are like? Use this software to check all your temps and report back.
  3. RageFull

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    Oke i used two programs HWMonitor and Cpu-z.Here are the screen shots.
  4. RageFull

    RageFull TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Two more screen shots.
  5. Joscelin

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    Sorry about that, forgot to logout from my friend's computer.
  6. Joscelin

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    Disregard this message as well.
  7. mailpup

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    It sounds like the graphics card is bad or it may be overheating. Does it have a fan and is it working?
  8. RageFull

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    No it doesn't have a fan.I will try my friend's graphic card for a few days.
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