Problem with D2 (Game won't start)

By FrederikNeertof
Dec 29, 2008
  1. Hey guys. I just installed Diablo 2 + expansion on my system.

    However, it won't start :(
    When I press the diablo icon on my desktop nothing happens, and yes I have the cd put in.
    I also tried running it directly from the folder it's installed from - but still, no luck.
    I tried re-installing several times, running a video test with D2 (Putting it into 2d mode, visa versa) nothing helps.
    I also tried installing the latest patch for it.. but yeh.. no luck :(

    I downloaded Diablo 2 with torrents and installed it / mounted the CD's with poweriso, as I cannot find my own cd's anymore. I do still have my original cd keys, though. My friend downloaded the exact same torrent - and his computer works fine with it, so I thought it is my computer that is causing the problem.

    Any thoughts on this?

    BTW - I am using Windows XP PRO 64 bit.

    Best Regards, Fred.
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