Problem with gdi.exe...cannot login to windows!

By Steve05
Apr 21, 2005
  1. Hello guys...i'm newbie here and i've found this site very helpful and i think i'm gonna addicted with it for a long time...well, i got a serious problem here and desperately need help from experts here...

    Yesterday, when i start the windows, i experienced this problem...

    *The windows has stop responding (hang). The Bootlog.txt file shows a loadfail status for all font files.

    Then i restart the pc but i still got the same problem... so i keep restarting several times and the last one i tried, i got this message error...

    Error loading GDI.EXE. You must reinstall Windows

    Could someone please tell me what is this all about? The last person using my pc is my little sister but she told me she didn't do anything with the system.
    I'm using Windows 98 and not so well in computing...any help will be appreciated...i don't want to reinstall the windows because it doesn't help, so i hope u guys have any other method to avoid from reinstall windows...
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    That was a good link...great job dgower2! I should bookmark the link too... :slurp:

    The fonts folder contains TrueType fonts (files with .ttf extensions) and Raster fonts (files with .fon extensions). Raster fonts are bitmap fonts supplied in different sizes for specific display resolutions. If the .fon files are missing, Windows cannot load successfully.

    NOTE:The "error loading GDI.EXE" message may only flash for an instant, followed by the "now safe to turn off your computer" screen. This will behave similarly in safemode. Therefore, the "error loading GDI.EXE" message may not be noticed.

    Accordingly, the bootlog.txt is the best resource to determine that the fonts folder is the problem.

    This error can occur if the Fonts folder is removed from the Windows folder. Maybe your little sister inaccidentally removed the folder...

    Good Luck!
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