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By Steph · 6 replies
Oct 23, 2004
  1. Okay this is my first time here but i have a problem and i don't know what to do. My computer keeps going to a blue screen. It say something about stop 0x00000024 and then a lot of more numbers. After that it say Ntfs.sys - Address F77019b8 base at f76E4000. It also says something about doing a system dump.

    I need help to get this problem fixed. I haven't had this computer not even a month yet. I was running windows xp home but i just upgraded to professional. Even before i upgraded it was shutting down and starting over. I have taken it to the place where i bought it from and they say there is nothing wrong with it. But i know that isn't right. If anyone can help me please help!

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    Welcome to Techspot. Did you load XP Pro on top of Home or do a clean install ? What is actually running or exactly what are you doing when you get this error message? That information along with your profile filled out will go a long way in helping you get your problem solved.
    I am surprised by your Manufacturer response .Where you able to let them actually see the error message?
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    It sounds to me that you might have a dodgy power supply unit hence the spontanious shutting down and restarting. What ever the case I would strongly reccomend that you take your computer back to the shop and insist that they sort it out.

    If after doing that they still say it`s fine then ask them to come and see your computer running in your home as it is possible that your home mains supply is at fault. If that`s the case I would suggest you purchase antisurge protection which will cost around £20 to £30.

    The reason I am saying this to you is because I had the same problem with my computer eventualy the psu went bang got a new psu and anti surge it`s been fine since.

    Hope this helps Regards howard[​IMG]
  5. Steph

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    About my problem

    Okay! First of all i installed pro over the home edition. I didn't do a clean install. When the error comes up. The only programs that are running are norton antivirus, zone alarm, my internet connection (all of these are in the system tray.) and i can open two programs. Then it throws up a blue error screen and all i can do is restart my computer. As for the power supply, i have a surge protector and i know that there is nothing wrong with it because i also have my tv running on it and my tv doesn't go off when my computer does. As of letting the people where i bought the computer see the error message no. They said they ran the computer and that there where no errors. They told me that i could leave it or bring it home and if the screen came up again to write down the error and bring it back. After i posted the other morning it shut down again. So i restarted it and then not 9 mins later it threw up a error message again. I don't know what to do. Should i be having these problems when i just bought it not but a month ago. I haven't even had internet but for a week. Thanks for your time.

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    Although it is a drag I would not hesitate to take the machine back to the manuf... Keep in mind most companies insist among other things ;
    1. the original Operating system is on the machine.
    So you may want to confirm your warrantee terms.Remove Win XP pro before you return it if necessary.
    Regardless stick to your guns ,Leave the machine with them and let them fix it .
    That's what you paid them for.
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    Steph I am reposting because I just saw this .The search engine at this site is very useful!
    Pay close attention to the answers on the second page .It should be your answer.
    If the manufacturer does not fix you up.
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