Problem with sound and few other problem

By doctor37
Jan 4, 2008
  1. Hey Yesterday was the worst day in my life, All three of my computers something happend to them i freaked out.

    Execuse my english i am still learning it!

    First one which is mine:

    I was using ventrilo (Voice Chat) And suddenly the people i was talking to couldn't hear me. I tried repluging the mic, using 3 differnt kinds of mic, checking the volume, reinstalling window, adding 2 new sound card but nothing would change. The 2 new sound card i used the computer couldn't even reconize that i have something new in the PCI slot card. I can RMA the motherborad and petty much anything in my comp since i bought it like 4 month ago, But what do you guys think?

    Spec:Amd Athlon 64 x2 Duel core 3600+ 1GB Ram, Nvidia Geforce 7600GT

    Second Computer: which is my brother.
    Games starting freezing on him, every 10 mintues or so, I open the computer up and found out that his Video card (Geforce 6800Xt 512mb) Fan wont spin or spins but REALLY slow. I bought a cane of compressed air and used it but still really slow, I can RMA that but do you guys think is that why his game crashes becuase of his Fan?

    Third computer: Which its my sister.

    I opened it up to use her sound card on my computer to test it out too see if if it was my mic or what, But when i put it back and plug everything before i turn on the computer a red light turned on the motherborad, I never had that before, so i ignore it and went ahead and turn on the computer, everything was running fans on the cpu i can hear the sound of hard drive and all that but i can't see anything on the screen its blank, i tried removing the sound card and trying again but still the red light still there and everything turns on but there is nothing on the screen, tried a differnt monitor same resluts, I have no idea what happend to that computer!

    I know this is a lot but please i really need help, i can't offerd to pay hundereds of dollors to fix all those computers.

    Thanks again in advance!
  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 930   +31

    hmmm... such complicated problem i guess...

    but just want to point out at your bro' pc
    1st thing 1st, heat is biggest enemy of electrical devices.
    anything, any electrical devices, won't do properly if there's too much heat present. hence. i suggest you to change the fan, and don't forget, re-apply thermal gel too...

    about your soundcard..., how long does it lives?
    perhaps its dead? and btw do you have on-board soundcard too?
    on-board are the best to be first checked, rather than external one/..
  3. doctor37

    doctor37 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i was using on board until it stopped working. That why i started using sound cards but they wont work either!
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