Problems burning movies on DVD

By z34dohc
Feb 15, 2005
  1. I just have question. I am hoping that someone else has had the same problem! Being new to the dvd burning thing I have run into a problem. I am using DVD shrink and DVD43Free. I have backed up several movies already. What is happening now is the DVD shrink analizes the dvd then encodes it. Then the burning starts. However for some reason it takes the same amount of time to burn as normal. When I take the burnt dvd out and put it in my player it doesn't play. I remove the disc I can see the burnt line, it is only about a half inch from the center. Meaning the burning process is stopped or for some reason it is only burning part of the movies, yet it won't play anything back. I have wasted about 5 discs due to this. I have not changed discs and no changed any of the settings on the DVD shrink. It just started doing it. PLease if anyone has any idea of what is going on can they PLEASE help me. I back up alot of movies for my 4 yr old son to watch. I am using msonic discs I know they are cheap, but I never had a problem before. Also if some knows of a good program other than DVD shrink could they please tell me.. Thank You
  2. fremartianfl1

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    Hope this helps?

    I have been using DVD Shrink for some time now. What I do is that I create a backup using DVD Shrink and then I use a free DVD burning software that I found online. It is called Deepburner and it doesn't have many features but it can burn an iso image; Simply download the free version. Just create the backup as an .iso and then use the software. I don't see how the discs you are using are causing the problem. Good luck and hope this helps.
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