Problems with a Packard Bell Ixtreme X9610

Hi all,
I am trying to re-connect the cables inside a Packard Bell Ixtreme X9610, which I have just had to replace the motherboard.

The problem I have is connecting the cables coming down from the top cover, which houses 3 USB ports under a slide drawer, and a card reader and the power/on/off switch.

I have the unenviable job of putting this all back together without the benefit of taking it apart, and so am having trouble.

The leads are not marked up at all, but I have managed most of them, but need help.

If anybody has one of these machines, I would be gratefull if they could take a picture of the bottom corner of the board where the cables plug into the SATA ports and USB headers, so I could try to make sense of the cable connections.

Thanks in advance,


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I don't suppose you know the name of your motherboard?

Edit: I've just seen it in your system specs...Jeez how did i miss that :D

Are these any good for you? ---> Here.
The machine i am trying to repair is not my own.
It belongs to a friend of a friend.

The new motherboard is not the problem, the cables in the case are not labeled up, and it is the power button that is causing concern to me.

The wires run into a PCB and that is wired up to the 3 USB ports on a seperate PCB. They then run down in 2 seperate cables, one terminating in a yellow flat 5 pin connector, only 4 wires in it though, the last slot being blanked off., and the second terminates in a black 2x4 pim connector with only 6 wires in it.

I need to see where they are connected on another Packard Bell Ixtreme X9610 if possible so I can work out what they are connected to and work from there.


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Oh ok then...Well i've had a look for some info on the X9610, and sadly there doesn't seem to be alot of it...You'll probably need to get lucky with someone.
It's ok folks, I have got it all working.
Traced all the connections with a meter, hard work, but success is worth a little hard work I guess.

Thank you all for looking, and thank you Benny26 for trying to help out.