Problems with a router (possible poltergeist)

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Mar 28, 2007
  1. So i was having major issues with an old Netgear router. Constantly losing internet acess. Always had to power cycle both my modem and my router to get internet back. This was before with just myself and my roomate. 2 computers (one directly connected one wireless) and an xbox360(directly connected). Well then a 3rd roomate moved in with a laptop(wireless) and another xbox360(directly connected). And then I myself purchased an xbox360 (directly connected). I was told that certain ports had to be open on the netgear router for all 3 xboxes to work properly. So I decided to just go out and buy an enitre new router anyways. So i bought a wireless G (802.11g- 2.4 ghz) Linksys Broadband Router. Allows both directly connected lines and wireless access.
    So count it up. 3 computers (2 on a wireless connection 1 directly connected) and 3 xbox360's (all directly connected). All 3 of the xbox's work fine. The 2 wireless computers work fine. My directly connected computer however will not. I'm currently hooked right into the modem right now. It's the only way I can get online. I figure it's some kind of messed up setting on my pc.

    ANy kind of input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Nodsu

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    "will not" means what?! A giant red dialog box comes up saying "I will not go online!"?
  3. Digital_removal

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    lol..ummm..There's no dialouge box. It just wont connect to the interent. I went through a whole 2 hour long ordeal with a dude on the phone from Linksys. Who decided at the end of the phonecall that my computer just wont communicate with the router.

    3 xbox's and 2 computers will though. I'm sure it's something ridiculously simple that my retarded self cannot figure out on my own.
  4. Nodsu

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    Well.. Starting from ground up.
    - Do you have a link light on your NIC and on the router showing that there is a connection between your computer and the router?
    - Does your computer receive an IP address from the router or did you configure one manually?
    Post the output of the "ifconfig /all" command here if you don't know what the above means.
  5. tipstir

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    That PC you're on assign it a static IP address on your NIC under network connections when you connect to the linksys wifi router then reboot it the PC..

    One way you can do this is...

    1. Shutdown everything on the network turn it off even the router
    2. Unplug all wired connections
    3. Starting with the main PC being wired only connect that one
    4. Turn on the router wait for it to be ready
    5. Turn on the PC what's wired

    If you don't get a connection.. run cmd
    type: route print and see if you can see network loop from your PC to router. If you can't then assign a static IP to that PC.
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