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Jul 23, 2005
  1. Okay, to begin with I was having problems with my javascript, but now I have a worse problem, so I'll just focus on that. I downloaded Firefox about 3-4 weeks ago. Today, I opened my Firefox browser and an "Alert" dialogue box popped up which had a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it and said: could not be found. Please check the name and try again.

    I had to push the OK button to continue and after clicking it, nothing loaded onto the webpage. It was just a blank, white screen. Then I tried opening several of my bookmarked pages and none of these would open either, with the same message resulting. I also could not type in an address in the address box and go anywhere... same message.

    Does anyone know what the deal is? I'm not sure how any of my settings could have changed, I haven't done anything to them. :confused:

    Also, do you think that the fact that I also still have Internet Explorer on my computer could have anything to do with it? Is it a bad idea to keep both on my computer, but use Firefox most of the time?
  2. Tedster

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    mozilla and IE are not incompatible. It is not necessary to delete one or the other. In fact, you'll need IE for windows updates.

    Your problem may be very simple - the website may have been down. If you can connect to other websites, then the issue is not your computer. It could also be a bad address!

    I personally use Mozilla instead of Firefox, but both operate basically the same.
    Mozilla is more advanced.
  3. rhssm

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    I didn't realize Mozilla and Firefox are different, I thought they were the same thing. Which one should I use? Is Firefox more user friendly than Mozilla?
  4. Tedster

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    Mozilla is the grand-daddy of firefox. Mozilla was originally based on Netscape code. Firefox was an off-shoot project off of Mozilla. Basically FF was designed from the beginning to be bare-bones and a stripped down version of Mozilla.

    Mozilla has a lot more features and basically comes with all the extensions you would download as extra features with FF. Also Mozilla comes with an email handler. This email handler also developed an off-shoot project - Thunderbird email, which is far better than Outlook. Mozilla also developed a calandar off-shoot project , sunbird.

    If you want the full suite (minus sunbird) download Mozilla from

    I find firefox a little too barebones for my liking. I have been a Mozilla user from the beginning. Mozilla is bigger and takes slightly longer to load than Firefox, but a few seconds doesn't really bother me.

    Also if you want a free and excellent office suite, download openoffice from It's great and FREE and also getting a lot better with every release. It's compatible with microsoft office. It's interesting to note that MS has decided to change their DOC format (proprietary) in Office release 12 to XML format which is open source and used by openoffice.

    But as far as Mozilla goes, it's a lot better to use than IE. It has better security and blocks pop-ups more effectively. It is interesting to note that IE only built a pop-up blocker after Mozilla and Firefox were taking away market share big time.

  5. jcu239

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    My Firefox doesn't work!

    When i open up firefox instead of it automatically going to my home page, a box pops up which on the top part says opening and inside it looks like the download box. It says what should firefox do with this file along with the open with tab. Does any one know what is wrong with firefox.
  6. tepeco

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    How about uninstalling it, rebooting and installing it again?
  7. jcu239

    jcu239 TS Rookie

    I tried that it still doesn't seem to work
  8. tomrca

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    it could be an update for firefox. post a 'hijack this log'.
  9. tomrca

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    if you are unsure what it's about
    go THIS LOCATION and follow the instructions. don't forget, when you download 'hijackthis', place it in it own folder and change its name to 'analyser.exe''. the path should look like this C\prog files\hijackthis\analyser v_2.exe. after completion of scans post ALL LOGS REQUIRED.

    how about taking a screen shot so we can see what kind of box it is ?
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