Problems with Internet Connection Sharing

By franzfelipe
Jun 1, 2005
  1. I am having a problem with sharing my internet connection.
    My PC (PC_1) is running on WinXP Pro, with a DSL internet connection. The DSL Modem is connected to a NIC (NIC_1). Another NIC (NIC_2) runs a wireless connection to a laptop. From here on, everything is working fine. Internet connection is shared perfectly, both PC's can access the internet. The problem is, I am trying to connect (thru a wired cross over cable connection) another PC (PC_3). I have already installed another NIC (NIC_3) on PC_1. PC_3 can send packets to PC_1 but is not able to access the internet. I tried tweaking with the configuration but nothing seems to work. Is this way of sharing internet connection possible? How is the configuration, IP addresses, gateway address and etc?
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