Problems with my video card

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Aug 6, 2007
  1. Okay, so heres the skinny... I just joined this place to get some assistance on this subject, and to help out where I can in the future, easy enough huh? I wanna get my computer fixed before I start going on about the olden days though.

    My computer did something funky earlier today, I turned it on, everything loaded up fine and dandy, until it got to right before the desktop. Then my keyboard and my monitor flashed and went blank. The lights on the monitor were still on, but there was no signal.. and well.. my keyboard just stayed blank. (It has done this before, but a restart usually fixes it.)

    Now I tried rebooting several times, and no avail, each time to the main desktop, then blank... however, when I try to boot up in safemode there are NO problems, and my video card works fine!

    Any help?!?
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  3. Weretiger_Rei

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    It's an AMD Athlon custom 1333 mghz (About 1.7 Mghz) A gig plus some change of ram... And.. well, I'm running on a totally different computer right now, so I can't really tell you the other specs. I'll go get 'em if ya want though... It's not like it's written on the side.

    I know the video card is a Nvidia Geforce 5800
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    So try the link for the XP repair instructions when you get a chance. Doing this repair won't destroy your data
  5. Weretiger_Rei

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    Well that's fine and dandy, however... I just realized that this machine runs on windows 2K Professional... I just booted it up and I'm using it in safe mode currently.

    Any other ideas? Couldn't I just go redownload the drivers?
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    download the drivers but be sure to delete the old ones before installing
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