Probs setting up 3com oc wireles router with my modem to access rnet

By afx99
Feb 16, 2005
  1. yo,
    i've recently got broadband (bt) installed. my modem is a zyxel prestige 623. when it's installed either by ethernet or usb i can acces internet fine. the prob is i can't when i try and hit the net through the modem via a 3com oc wireless dsl router. i can setup the wireless router fine (i can see my/other pcs in the network accessing it etc etc). some info: my connection to the isp is pppoe. i've set up the ip address of the modem at (previously was, the wireless router is both have dhcp enabled. i heard something about havin to use a cross over patch cable between the router and modem. not sure if this is true but i've tried with with both types of patch cable to no avail. can't find anywhere to set default gateway on router if i even need to. is there any settings that spring to mind when setting up this sort of config?????????

  2. Nodsu

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    If you have the modem in router mode then:
    Plug the modem into one of the local ports of the router.
    Only enable the DHCP server on the modem.

    If the modem is in bridge mode then set up the DSL connection in the router WAN configuration. Enable DHCP on the router.
  3. afx99

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    once you asked about setting up the modem in bridge mode memories came all flooding back. set modem up as bridge and disabled dhcp. enable dhcp on router and up it came.

    regards, andy
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