Question about which shell extensions are safe to delete

By Happy74
May 22, 2010
  1. Hi,

    I'm a intermediate computer user and I really don't know which shell extensions are okay to delete...I have installed RegCleaner 4.3 and it brought up all my Shell Extensions and I want to go to town and clean them all but I am guessing I need a lot of them...but how do I know which ones I need?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have no clue how to know which one is safe to delete and which one I need....

    Also I think I have a virus or malware...what is the difference?

    The reason I think I have one is because my computer is running pretty slow and I am always cleaning everything up with CCleaner and defraging too. When I go on firefox sometimes I have to click on it 3 times for it to open up....and it is pretty slow while I am surfing. That is why I think I have a virus....what do you think? Is there another reason why it would be running so slow?

    Is there anything else you would suggest for me to do to get rid of the virus or malware?

    I am running..... Wipe software, along with a antivirus and a firewall....

    Thank you in I'm sorry if my post didn't belong here...I wasn't sure what category to put it under...if you guys think it should be under a different one please let me know....

    Thank you so much!!
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