Questions on portable hard drives (1TB and various brands)


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I've been receiving BSODs and after failing to resolve it, I am going to do a clean install, but I want to transfer all my files to an external which I am going to buy later today.

Regarding 1TB hard drives, are they more sensitive than devices that hold less storage space, more fragile? I have been looking at a toshiba brand and WD. Both are 1TB and have 2.0 and 3.0 capability. Despite my research and due to my indecisiveness it is hard to pick between the two. I just don't want a drive to fail on me.

Thinking more about it, would a smaller hard drive be more reliable? I am open to getting a seagate or WD at 250 or 320 gb.

I don't know too much about portable hard drives besides the obvious, so if you could help clear up my confusion, I will greatly appreciate.



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There really is no difference in hard drive brands so I wouldn't get too hung up on which brand to buy. I don't think there is any benefit to getting a smaller drive now over a 1TB. 1TB drives have been out for a long time now, the only time you want to be a bit cautious on buying a big drive is if its the biggest that company offers at that point in time.

For example, a few years back someone (I forget who right now) made a 1.5TB drive and it released with bad firmware causing very early failures - that got 'fixed' with a firmware update, but drives still had an abnormally high failure rate so I think there was something really wrong with those drives initially. Later releases of the same drive were fine. So, don't buy the biggest you can find and things will be fine.


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Hi, A few external drives are now compatible with USB 3.0, which is far faster, and I would have thought was worth going for now, (even if your current PC doesn't support it.) Saying that, there should be some good deals on the 320/500GB drives and that may be too tempting !
I would say the 250GB drives are poor value now and the 1TB are 'cheap' by comparison, (GB per £/$ wise.)
If it matters, I have had no trouble with Iomega Prestige 320GB, and Seagate 1TB.