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Jan 16, 2007
  1. I recently bought a new computer and it came with the ATI Radeon 256 MB x1300 Pro. I want to use the computer's dvd player to watch dvd's on my tv. I currently have the s-video cable running to my tv and it works when the computer boots up and until the Windows XP start screen is almost done. After that I can't get anything to display on the tv. I would appreciate any help you could offer.

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    You need to set up TV output in your driver settings. Launch Catalyst (right click on desktop -> click ATI Catalyst) and go to advanced mode (you may need to click view->advanced) Now click on Displays Manager. You should see your TV under Attached displays currently disabled. If you don't, make sure everything is connected and your TV is turned on and click Detect Displays. Drag the TV icon to Desktop 1 or Desktop 2 and click Apply. Adjust the resolution if necessary. You should see a new icon in the left hand pane for your TV now. Click on it to adjust the image on the TV screen.
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    Second display

    Thanks, that allowed me to switch from the monitor to the tv. But, the second box in the catalyst menu is grayed out. When I try to enable the second display nothing happens. However, I can drag the tv to the box where the monitor is and I am asked if I want to swap monitors. Do you know of any way to have them both enabled.

    Thanks again,
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    You may not be able to do it with that particular card. Radeon cards are weird like that, I've seen some that can drive both and others that can drive only one or the other at a time. You may also try going back to display properties, settings tab, and see it you can enable it there.
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    when i put my tv as my secondary moniter it turns black and white, what can i do about that?

    also it wont let me have two moniters and a tv, it will only let me a tv and a moniter or 2 moniters not all three, i have radeon x1300.
    I downloaded that program from techspot to tweak the settings, but im not sure it works
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