Radeon 9800 Pro & games crashing

By bigles1875
Nov 29, 2004
  1. hi im having problems playing star wars battlefront and rise of nations gold edition on my pc the problem is after 30 secs or so the screen goes blank and pc crashes i have a ati radeon 9800 graphics card and run xp i have the latest driver from ati and the hyperion 4 in 1 been on the game website and got the updates it runs doom 3 ok and that makes it even more strange any thoughts?
  2. jstillion

    jstillion TS Rookie Posts: 91

    This is a shot in the dark but....

    un-install the Via 4 in 1 driver and reinstall it without the AGP Driver option.

    May also want to consider downloading from ATI there driver / software remover, and then letting windows update install a "clean" ati driver (no opengl support so doom won't work) then installing the newest ATI official driver (not the beta one for Half-Life 2).

    If you do this method, you may have to "fight" with your machine to get the just SuperVGA driver back, it will remove the Ati driver that are native to windows too.
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