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Jan 21, 2008
  1. I dropped off my computer to be set up at Staples. I had purchased two brand new Seagate SATA drives and wanted to run RAID with with striping. I just picked up my computer this morning and for some reason when I start up my computer it says that it is running RAID with striping and has 1 GB of hard drive space which is normal.

    However, when I go into My Computer, I see that there are two HDDs. Is this normal??
  2. Samstoned

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    Staples aha that will teach you
    sorry Staples are one of the worst out there for computer work
    1gb of disk space ??? only normal if thats the size of your drive/drives
    did you ask how raid was going to help you and your data
    raid 1 with 2 drives you get safety in data copy/mirror
    raid 0 not good for safety
  3. prescott911

    prescott911 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yea, my hard drives are identical 500 gb drives.

    so they messed it up huh??
  4. CCT

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    With Raid O and 2 x 500 Gb drives, you would show a 1Tb drive.

    With Raid 1 and 2 x 500 Gb drives, you would show 2 x 500 Gb drives.

    It sounds like someone screwed up.

    The only way you would get what you show is for Raid 1 (or similar, NOT 0) with partitons set at 1 Gb on each drive.
  5. prescott911

    prescott911 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its too late to set up RAID with striping at this point unless I want to erase everything on my drives right??
  6. Samstoned

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    edit again
    yes you will lose data

    both raid 0 and 1 do and will show the same thing that should be 0+1
    2 -500gb will show as 1 -500gb drive
    the diff is in the writing reading of data
    0 stripes data across the disc's if 1 disc is destroyed all data is lost
    but if thats what you want reformat in your raid utility

    no one caught that ha that raid0+1 yer right raid 0 is 2-500gb =1tb
    my book must have a miss print
    good luck
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