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Jun 27, 2006
  1. My laptop is a Compaq presario r4000. Here are the specs:
    ATI Radeon Mobility xPress 200 (or something very close)
    AMD Athlon +3500 64 bit (clocked at around 2.2 ghz)
    100 gb hard drive, I just had it replaced, so I don't know the exact specs.
    Mobo - I have no idea, it was also just replaced.

    Recently I've been having a hell of a lot of random crashing to the BSOD. According to bestbuy, it was a hard drive problem, I had a "bad sector". So after the crashing got annoying (every 20 minutes) I decided to get the HDD replaced. Along with that the mobo was replaced. I'm still getting the random crashing to a blue screen. Before, when I crashed, it would say that it was doing a dump of my phiscal memory, but now, it goes to the blue screen for a second, then restarts itself. After that it turns back on, quick bluescreen, restarts again. Then it goes to the windows screen asking, "what would you like to do" with choices like, start in safe mode, start normally, etc. I always choose start normally, but then it bluescreens again. Then I do a forced shutdown (holding down the power button) and leave it off for an hour or so before I turn it back on. Recently my crashing hasn't been so bad after the HDD was replaced. I also ran a scan called smitfraud I think to get rid of a virus, and that slowed it down somehow, I think.

    If anybody has any idea whats going on please tell me. I'm lead to believe that my graphics card is being stupid because the drivers are always messed up (never with the newest ones, and if I want the newer ones I have to get the omega drivers). Apparently, according to one of my friends, it is just a really bad video card. If I had a choice I would get a different one, but its a laptop, so I don't really have much of a choice.
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    I ran it, and i'm at around 226% at the moment, I'm going to go to 1000, and if there is no avail, then I will assume my RAM is ok.
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    I would still try to borrow someones SODIMM and just give it a shot since you already changed everything else.
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    changed everything except my video card and ram, which I would like to get new ones of both.
    From my understanding the SODIMM is the ram right, or the thing that holds the ram. My web search on google didn't give me much info.

    By the way, the test is at 740% with still no errors.

    I'm actually getting much less crashing now for some reason. I bet I just jinxed it right there. If I keep crashing, I'll report back here with the error report and such.
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    Another crash. What I did this time, was I did a forced shutdown. I waited about 30 seconds for the fans to stop spinning. Then I turned it back on, and its working fine.
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