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Random rebooting

By Stxd
May 16, 2004
  1. I'm new on this forum and I need to know if anybody has a Idea or ulimately a solution for this nightmare rebooting dilema. I have P4 motherboard with Windows xp Home edition and basically with a minimul Hardware set up. 80 gig H.D, Sony dru-510 cd-rom Drive, Generic floppy, Generic 56k Modem, 256 Mb sdram, Sis 6326 Graphics card and a 350 watt PSU. It is rebooting in Bios, surfing online or just in idle at desktop at random intervals. All drivers are digitaly signed, I have checked pretty much everything. I doen't to appear to be a heat problem because it does it cold after booting up. Drivers, I have uninstalled, then installed in trying the process of elimination mode. Nothing seems to have direct effect. Everything is brand new except the floppy, modem and graphics card.If Someone has input let me know.
  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    If you are rebooting in the bios, that is a high concern.. that is VERY untypical behavior.

    I would recommend checking your power connections, as well as considering trying an alternate power supply to start with. A loose connection MIGHT cause a problem.

    Do you know that the CPU is a good one? A faulty CPU with sufficient shorts might cause real trouble.. but heaven only knows what it might cause.

    You might wish to try to update the bios, if you can say that the machine would be online long enough for a bios flash. If the machine doesn't stay up long enough for a flash, and crashes mid flash, it could render your board unoperable.

    Another thing to check is your ram... bad ram can have random results, but I'd doubt it to do that while in the bios. Try running your machine in the bios for a while without any ram, see if it still reboots. If it doesn't, you know the source of your trouble.

    Let us know any more detail that you get.

    And welcome to TechSpot!
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