Random Resets (No Startup)

By Jennzie
Apr 28, 2008
  1. Ok so, I have a Compaq Evo D510. Inside of it is a XFX Geforce 6200, Sound Blaster Audigy SE and 1.5GB of memory. The power supply is 175 watts. I pride myself in being a pretty tech savvy girl. But I can't fix my current problem, or at least pinpoint it.
    Recently my computer has decided to just restart whenever. When it's running everything is fine. No slow downs or anything. But then it will jsut shut off then when it attempts to turn back on it won't everything will light up but when it gets to the floppy drive step the floppy, keyboard and mouse, never light up. On a successful startup all three of these lights will come on. The monitor signal never goes through either. And it doesn't only reset in windows. There were times when I was in the bios and it just froze up. Then i will have to wait a while for it to start up. I will have to turn it off and on off and on until it finally decides to start.
    Here are the remedies I have tried.
    I removed the graphics card. Used the default adapter. No change.
    I've run the windows memory test. No errors.
    I've tryed running with each of one memory stick. No change.
    I have unplugged power to the hard drive.
    Tried starting it with a new hard drive. No change.
    I've checked the motherboard for anything that seems bad. Doesn't.
    The last thing I did was open the the CPU thingie. There was ALOT of dust in their. and I got rid of it. I also noticed that there was a like a peeling paint? Glazed over the cpu. It looks to be all hard and chipping away. I'm guessing this is thermal paste? No sure if this needs to be replaced or not.So anyone after I did those things and everything seemed to be better. It ran for 2 days without a single reset. Then a hour or so ago it did it again. So I've kinda lost hope.
    People have told me it is the hard drive. But the hard drive found no errors. I've scanned it a dozen times. There doesn't seem to be any corruption and everything works great. And since it wouldn't start up with he hard drive unplugged or a different one in doesn't make much sense that that would be it.
    Is it the PSU? Everything spins when I turn it on the fans work fine.
    When it does shut down and won't start up if I wait a few minutes to a hour it will start up fine again. Overheating? It's all so confusing because nothing appears to be wrong.
    Can anyone help me T_T?
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    "The power supply is 175 watts" you are way too low on this- about half of what you should have.

    So it's working harder, causing more heat. It shuts down and cools off. Will reboot later but continue the same cycle.
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