Re-install OS with new mobo?

By N8T1308
Sep 26, 2009
  1. I have a system running windows vista 64-bit with service pack two on it and really want a new mobo. I have a couple mobos in mind but my question is....if i buy a new mobo and put all of my components onto it, do i still have to install a new os onto it or will it boot just fine from the hard drive?
  2. Adhmuz

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    Unless the new mobo has the exact same NB and SB with all the same chips it would be very unlikely. Some times Windows can boot up but you would have so many problems with drivers being incompatible and unrecognized that its just easier to do a clean install. Backup everything thats important to you (your whole "User" folder is a goop place to start) and anything else you can think of. FEBE for firefox is brilliant because you save absolutely everything and can restore back to your previous setting in 1 simple step. So simple answer, yes you may be able to boot it up. Detailed answer, no its really not worth all the hassle of cleaning up all your old drivers and installing the new ones, especially if the new mobo has different HDD controller because then it just wont boot.
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