Realtek HD Audio manager gone!

By nightmare56
Dec 30, 2010
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  1. Hey, this morning i put in a new video card, xfx radeon hd4650 and installed the software and drivers from the ati website. It seems that the hdmi audio driver has screwed up my realtek audio. I had the problem when I went from xp to win7 and installed the newest driver v2.55 ( it did not work so i found the cd that came with the computer and installed the old one v1.89 ( it was fine.

    I've tried to do that again by uninstalling the driver from the device manager but the problem is that the hd audio manager is never installed and not even seen in control panel. I've done the same in safe mode and no luck. When i try to manually add hardware and select the 5.10 version i get a blue screen of death, the 6.0 installs fine but there is no audio and no audio manager. i used to be able to get the audio manager at least when i did this a year ago.

    I've system restored to a couple days back and still no luck, this is driving me insane for 4 hours now! Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    dxdiag shows no audio :(

    (the droidcam is for my android phone, had that for a while, that's not the problem)


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  2. nightmare56

    nightmare56 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its a problem with the radeon video card, it disables onboard audio. in bios settings change onboard audio from auto to enabled, save and exit. it will work.

    what a waste of 5 hours

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