Receiving E-Mail that cause trouble with my personal informations.

By neowing
Apr 12, 2005
  1. Hi ? Everyone.
    Before I start, if I put my threat in wrong section, sorrry.
    But please, I need your quick help.
    this is easy to answer all of you.

    Recently, I sent many E-Mail to find a new job.
    The thing is, Today, I received E-mail from unknown person.
    I thought that is respond mail from job.
    When I opened, That unknown person want to me click some kind of

    Suddenly, I realize it must be someone who want to steal my personal informations and passward.

    I delete that message.

    But I am worrying that Unknown person steal my important informations.
    I tried use Adware-SE to find some bad codes
    Fortunately, It didn't detect anythings.

    Here's my question.

    1) I want to know if that unknown person steal my information.
    2) That unknown person's mail does not include attachment, but I am worry
    that even if I didn't click "Http://?????(Whatever)" in message, I want to know my information is safe or not.
    Currently, I delete that message from my E-mail.
    I am going to change my password.

    3) I want to find block unknown person's E-Mail, Anyone know which program can do that ?

    Once again, if I put my thread on wrong section, please tell me.
    I don't know which catagories I have to choose, so I just put my treat here.
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  3. neowing

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    Thank you for telling me about my thread.
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