Recently built PC keeps crashing and restarting

By nemaxhacks
Apr 25, 2012
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  1. I have recently build a new pc from a barebones kit on tiger
    randomly sometimes when im playing games and sometimes when simple processes are being rand, ex.updating guild wars 2 client computer will just lock up for a brief moment and restart, i have stressed my pc with everest and all temps seem normal, i have bought a aftermarket cpu cooler from the store to even make sure cpu does not overheat. and as i said this doesnt happen everytime, sometimes i can sit down and play a game for hours or leave the computer running for days and all is find but sometimes no.......
    i have all the .dmp from todays crashes??? any ideals?

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  2. Tmagic650

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    Okay, have you installed all the motherboards drivers? Do you have any yellow exclamation points in the device manager? An ATI driver "atikmdag.sys" is also being flagged. Are you using the latest video driver?

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