Recording laptop screen

Hi everyone.

Im new to the forum and I have a question about recording my laptop screens.

I have a work laptop that is locked down fairly well. I would like to connect it to my home laptop so I can create some instructional videos on there.

Can I connect my work laptop to my home laptop so I can potentially have it open in a window where I can record the screens?

home laptop (sony vaio VPCF13MOE)
work laptop ( lenovo T400)

Thank you


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Yes it is possible, but difficult, and requires way too much information to post here. Have you tried a few Gurgle searches to see what help is available?
Be prepared to spend some time on it... and spending some cash for additional equipment.
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thanks for your reply

I have had a browse on google but havent seen anything concrete on how to achieve this. Maybe im looking in the wrong place !
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thanks techno

Thanks for your reply techno and the link.

However Im still back to square one.I cant use that software on my work machine. I need to hook up the work laptop to my home laptop via whatever hardware is required so that I can open my work laptop screen in my home laptop screen and record from there.


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home->work connection via Remote Desktop and then run work application from the home system where the recorder can be installed and controlled