Recover DVD-Video data from TDK-R discs

By mingul
Oct 24, 2010
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  1. Hello to all here,

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Vlad a collector of sports videos.
    The reason I am disturbing you here has of course something to do with my collection.

    A small part of it was burned on DVD-R discs from TDK. The DVDs have never been used for playing but only burned once, checked immediately after burning and also transformed into an image to check the discs were error free. Once this steps were accomplished, they were stored in proper conditions.

    A short time a fellow collector wanted a football match from me and I wanted to create the image and help him with his collection as well. In that moment I had a most unpleasant suprise as Windows showed the disk as blank with no file structure whatsoever. I have dug in in my collection instantly and in the end I found about 10 discs that all have the same problems and characteristics.

    The brand that has completely failed me is TDK-R discs (metalized blue colored). Not all of them are with problems but is too big of a coincidence to observe this problem at 10 different discs.

    Now, I have tried CD-Roller, Iso Buster on some discs and I managed to recover my vobs.

    However still 3 discs in my collection are absolutely unreadable. All the softwares show them as empty disc, drive not ready etc. I have read before on forums that other users experienced the same problem with this TDK Brand and I wondered if anybody has found a solution.

    The physical symptom of my drives is like the drive will not roll the disc properly (compared with the discs that were saved...which were rolled ..noisily I could say)

    Please help me in order to recover my data for my collection...of course if possible, I just have to find a way to see my file structure.

    Best regards,

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