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Feb 13, 2008
  1. I have an Asus a7v333 motherboard with a raid MB FastTrack133 tm Lite Bios Version that ran very smooth for couple years with 2 of 80 GB HDD WD in stripe mode(raid 0).Suddenly the XP PRO hang and can't boot or repair any more. Although the stripe array show as Functional, the system blocks immediately after this message when I want to repair or recover:Examining disk configuration and then it shows an unlimited Examining 152634 MB Disk0 at Id0 on bus0 on Fasttrack...So I can't enter in recovery console either.
    I must mention that after I booted with Win XP cd I press F6 and loaded the correct driver but it seems that is a bad block somewhere.
    Can you give me some help on how can I recover my data ?
    Thank you .I'll appreciate.
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    Above is true when assuming that your RAID BIOS or doftware doesn't "initialise" the drives, erasing all the data that is still left..

    First try connecting your drives to a non-RAID controller and running the WD diagnostics utility on them. If one of the drives is dead, then trying to restore anything would be pretty pointless.

    If the drives check out OK, make disk images of them (still using the non-RAID controller) so that you can put the contents back when something goes wrong. Only after this try recreatng the array.

    If your RAID BIOS initialises the disks, try setting up the drives in a Linux software RAID (still using your non-RAID controller) configuring the drives in the correct order and with the right stripe size. You also have to take into account the fakeraid metadata that you have to skip since it probably isn't the same size as the Linux sw raid header.
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    I'm alive again

    I used Data lifeguard diagnostics for DOS(floppy) Version 5.04f.
    For the first drive I receive
    -quick test error 007 after 2 min.
    -extended test NO ERRORS FOUND CODE 0000 after 33 min
    On the second drive the extended test hung at time remaining 00:04:13.
    I put the drives back on raid controller and the system booted ok. I can access my files. Just one 4GB movie hung the PCwhen I want to copy it. It seems there are some problems.Maybe the HDD isn't magnetized properly on that zone ?

    Thank you.
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    007? Are you sure? WD doesn't seem to know anything about such an error code.

    I would guess the second drive has bad sectors on it and the first one was disabled by the RAID controller because of the SMART error. You should back up your important data and have the drives replaced. There is a slight chance that the errors are caused by bad SATA cables or some conytroller glitch and you may want to test the drives in another compter to be sure, but it's very likely that the drives are going bad.
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