Recurring pop causing system problems

By cableman
Mar 7, 2014
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  1. First off, I am running Windows 64 with 16GB of ram on a Dell Precision T5400 with dual 750GB hard drives. I was watching some streaming video and even though I run an ad blocker on my browser (mozilla) I still got a pop up wanting me to upgrade my browser but in truth it was one of those ads that want to trick you into installing their browser which in this case is a movie viewer but I declined to download or install but for some reason I keep getting the same pop up at almost every click I make on my computer and it is causing my system to seriously slow down. I think windows is trying to ignore it but the decision is costing me my quick computer response. I bought this computer especially to upgrade into a very quick machine and already have a problem like this. It is causing a time lag for when I click on my up or down page scroll, and almost any thing I go to click. Does anyone please know what I can run to get rid of this?
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    Virus and malware removal forum?

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