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Recycler Virus on every remov.disk

By nismo91
Sep 12, 2008
  1. Hi all, have been long since my last post though...

    i have a very new problem here, that is
    i think my laptop and my desktop are infected by a virus, that is doing:

    virus create "recycler" hidden folder in every removable disk i put in. be it my flashdisk. phone memory card even my camera card. it also have autorun.ini in it which ask to open mmc32.exe i think... basically, i couldnt find the exe inside the recycler folder itself. but there is this= my removable disk does not show up like an removable disk. it shows like an folder, which when i double click it automatically open a new window. this is really irritating and doubtful. (actually the good thing about this virus is that on top of autoplay box dialog, it says : open folder to view files (open application in the drive), despite having the original one on bottom. so i just have to press enter straight.) the thing is that when i format the card or disk, it will be back to normal, with the removable disk icon and no-new-window after double-click. but within few seconds it will be back again and the stupid recycler folder is living again.

    i only used avast, updated, at the moment but couldnt detect. removeITpro could detect as well, mcafee stinger couldnt too. but i found fishy stuffs like planet.exe and service2.exe inside user\ folder. so anyone knows what might be the root of the problem?

    service2.exe is definitely the problem. but after delete its still coming again. sometimes its undeletable, unlocker couldnt kill it too. it even asks for firewall permission.

    one more last thing, i do some research it says that exe32.exe is the root of the problem. i couldnt find any such file, however i have the prefetch file, i guess it is the trojan... im very confuse of where is the virus hiding and hope someone might be able to give some lights....

    thanks for reading, appreciate your reply... :)
  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 915   +24


    there is one file in C:\Recycler and i've been suspicious with it since windows have " applying personalised settings" for that file. this is just like if u have a new user account in a computer. now no more exe32.exe in any removable disk and i hope it's totally healthy. :D
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