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Remote Desktop via Telekom Router Port

By swisspair
Oct 24, 2006
  1. I'm a dba learning (quickly) networking and I have a problem accessing my Windows XP Pro PC through a Router that Telekom (Austria) recently upgraded with a product known as "Advanced Secure". Among other things I have an external IP Address for the Router lets say xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx that should have had external Port Number xxxx opened up for it yesterday (Telekom confirmed that to me by email).

    I have read and digested how to set up Remote Desktop from another PC with Windows XP Pro and have already tried to connect without success.

    I want to start from the beginning now and "detect" the Router using ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - how can I ping it ? (if at all) I assume that a well set up router will not reply to a ping ? Even to the allocated Port Number (if this is at all possible on a "Ping" command) ?

    Telekom are not very helpful (so far) as they say that they have provided their part of the bargain and in any case how do they know I'm not a hacker - they never asked me any security questions when I phoned to get the xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP Address of the router though they did make me say the Port Number I wanted opened before I sent them a confirmation email.

    Any help would be appreciated - I'm a dba by trade learning more about Networks.
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Start > Run > cmd.exe and use the command: ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    Pinging a specific port is not possible, as pings rely on ICMP packets where ports do not apply. However, you can do a port scan which can be found on the web for free. One can be found here: http://www.dslreports.com/tools

    A 'well configured' router would probably block or at least not respond to ICMP packets, making ping useless. Most routers have firewalls which will block such packets, as well as other packets from TCP and UDP, except on specified ports. It is usually possible to change this behavior though, enabling ICMP packet transmissions. If you can find the option, disabling ICMP blocking should give you the ability to ping your router. You could also plug the modem directly into your computer, bypassing your hardware firewall. You may need to configure your software firewall though, if you have one.

    Hopefully, they knew it was you based on the number you called from... hopefully. :)
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