Remove vista smart security 2010

By collin369
Apr 19, 2010
  1. i was on youtube watching some videos and out of no where vista smart security pops up and closes firefox and says that my computer is infected with 25 viruses and i should register to remove them so i exit out of it and scanned with avast and avast couldnt find any viruses now vista smart security 2010 keeps poping up saying my computer is at risk and that it is being monitored and when i try opening up firefox it says that firefox has a trojan in it and wont let me open it so i scanned it multiple times with avast and it has no trojan but it lets me use safari so can someone please tell me how to get rid of vista smart security 2010 because its getting pretty annoying?
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    Well I assume that it will be definitely your virus problem. You have to install Trojan remover virus software which will give you the best protection. And still you have the same problem then I give you the best advice you to format your system and try it again. Hopefully you will be solved your problem.
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