Repeated BSOD, minidumps attatched.

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Feb 20, 2006
  1. Greetings Techspot users.

    I have an infuriating bsod problem. Hope you can help me.

    My rig.
    Asus A8V-deluxe mobo
    ocz 2x512 platinum series ram
    leadtek 6800
    audigy sound card
    2x250gb seagates in raid
    380 watt antec psu.
    nec dvd

    I woke one morning last week to find pc had blue screened overnight. Not doing anything unusual, just virus scanning and dl, same as most nights. Since then after every reboot it blues screens pretty rapidly, usually within minutes of windows loading.
    The only thing that I had changed recently was replace a failed rear case fan (antec), two days previous. Case had been warm for a few days but not hot enough for me to notice straight away. Cpu fan was still running fine and it is in a cool room. Graphics card fan was fine aswell.

    Blue Screen error codes are STOP 0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X30303030, 0XBAD7750C, 0X000000000)
    This code stays very similar on every bsod. Only the 4th set of code varies (0xBAD9B35C or 0xB4C95520 for example).

    After checking 0x0000008E I found that this code points to ram error. But have run memtest86 v1.65 overnight (6 hours in dos)and my ram didnt show a single error!
    I have checked and rechecked all connectors for my hardware. Have tried the ram in different slots, have tried a different graphics card, have tried disconnecting dvd and soundcard. Have tried three windows re-installs. I have run asus probe which recorded voltages and temps which seemed normal. THOUGH I havent been able to try different ram in there yet.

    The system is about 18 months old and has never been overclocked. The nvidia drivers were the latest(and have tried rolling them back). Other drivers were older but have been reliable. It seems to run ok in safe mode.

    Hopefully my minidumps will help someone identify where the problem is.

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    All of those minidumps crash on the file avkfsavp.sys with bugcheck of 1000008E, and I'm having trouble finding just what that goes to. Possibly PowerDVD or some multimedia app. Also possibly an antivirus from a company called "G-Data"? Any of that sound familiar?

    If you can find that file (maybe in Safe Mode), right-click on it and choose properties, try to see if it has a company name or any name attached to it. Otherwise, try to remove the program that belongs to.

    Good luck
  3. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    I might also add that memtest86 may not be 100% accurate on your hardware. Try memtest86+ from
  4. mattbass

    mattbass TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey Thanks Vigilante.

    You were absolutly spot on.

    The AVK file is from my anti-virus. From G-Data (extendia in the uk). This is bizarre as I have been using it for over a year without hitch. It must be a bad update from last week as after futher testing it works ok UNTIL i update the virus definitions! Just goes to show that no application, no matter how trusted can be ruled out of bsod problems.

    Thanks again for your help, you saved me many more wasted hours.

  5. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Hey no problem. I'm not sure how good extendia is, I HAVE heard of that, but not G-Data.

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