Repeated BSOD, reboot randomly (i've checked but still clueless)

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Jan 27, 2007
  1. hello everybody
    my new build system has suffered from repeated attack of BSOD and reboot randomly for several weeks already. I found the error message to be "Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL", bugcheck code to be 0x100000d1 (mostly) and 0x1000000a (one time).

    The crash occurs mostly at bedtime when my computer runs merely a BT client (BitComet), but sometimes it crashes when I connectes the internet.

    I've already had my computer scanned by NOD antivirus & PC-cillin online. It was reported to be virus-free; I've updated my drivers; I followed the protocol suggested in this forum and did a RAM check by Memtest86 and passed 32 cycles without error. :confused:

    I have some minidump files(named by date of crashes), could someone please help me with this? :(

    My computer spec: Intel CPU E6300+Asus P5LD2, nVidia 7300GT by Elsa, Transcend DDR-667 1GB (other details plz check my profile)
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Suspected programs: BitComet, cFos7.04, Outpost firewall 4.0964, EasyRealMedia Producer 1.94
  2. Sjbrand99

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    I think it could be your 8th slot. Onbaord ethernet.
  3. peterdiva

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    Outpost Firewall is the problem. See HERE for the same problem.

    BugCheck 100000D1, {ce0018, 2, 1, 7c931713}
    PROCESS_NAME: svchost.exe
    Probably caused by : Unknown_Image ( INVALID_CONTEXT )
  4. wccmule

    wccmule TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for the kindeness of the answer.
    I've dumped my outpost firewall and shifted to Comodo firewall.
    Unfortunately, the crash recurred but this time turned to be "black screen"
    and can't be waken after the sleep. So I think outpost may not be the sole cause of the crash. :mad:

    Could someone help me to hijack the minidump?

    Here's my new minidump file. I hope that would do some help.
    I tried to hack by myself, however, it's a bit difficult for me do understand all the complicated information...:dead:

    Attached Files:

  5. cpc2004

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    The outpost firewall is still in use. You haven't un-install outpost firewall.

    0: kd> lm tn
    start end module name
    804d8000 806fe000 nt ntkrnlmp.exe Wed Mar 02 09:01:57 2005 (42251085)
    806fe000 8071ed00 hal halmacpi.dll Wed Aug 04 13:59:09 2004 (41107B2D)
    b8882000 b8885800 asyncmac asyncmac.sys Wed Aug 04 14:05:02 2004 (41107C8E)
    b88e6000 b8926200 HTTP HTTP.sys Fri Mar 17 09:08:09 2006 (441A0BF9)
    b8ba9000 b8babaa0 HTMLFILT HTMLFILT.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:11 2006 (4538A9A7)
    b8bb1000 b8bb4fc0 ARP ARP.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:27 2006 (4538A9B7)
    b8bb5000 b8bb7e60 SECRET SECRET.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:29 2006 (4538A9B9)
    b8bc1000 b8bc40c0 HTTPFILT HTTPFILT.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:10 2006 (4538A9A6) <-- outpost firewall
    b9465000 b94687e0 PROTECT PROTECT.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:24 2006 (4538A9B4)
    b949d000 b94a0580 DNSCACHE DNSCACHE.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:07 2006 (4538A9A3)
    b94a5000 b94a7520 POP3FILT POP3FILT.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:15 2006 (4538A9AB) <-- outpost firewall
    b94dd000 b9504f00 secdrv secdrv.sys Tue Aug 31 21:42:55 2004 (4134805F)
    b95e5000 b95e8780 MAILFILT MAILFILT.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:16 2006 (4538A9AC)
    b96bd000 b970e480 srv srv.sys Mon Aug 14 20:00:40 2006 (44E065E8)
    b975f000 b97d98c0 amon amon.sys Fri Nov 17 01:01:01 2006 (455C994D)
    b97fa000 b97fc200 FTPFILT FTPFILT.DLL Fri Oct 20 18:49:22 2006 (4538A9B2) <-- outpost firewall
    b9802000 b98e3000 cFosNT cFosNT.sys Wed Aug 30 18:16:43 2006 (44F5658B)
    b98e3000 b990f400 mrxdav mrxdav.sys Wed Aug 04 14:00:49 2004 (41107B91)
    b9cd3000 b9ce7400 wdmaud wdmaud.sys Wed Jun 14 17:00:44 2006 (448FD03C)
    bf800000 bf9c1000 win32k win32k.sys Thu Oct 06 08:09:50 2005 (43446B4E)
    bf9c1000 bf9d2580 dxg dxg.sys Wed Aug 04 14:00:51 2004 (41107B93)
    bf9d3000 bfe24580 nv4_disp nv4_disp.dll Mon Oct 23 05:02:50 2006 (453BDC7A)
    ececa000 ecf9ea00 dump_iaStor dump_iaStor.sys Thu Mar 10 02:09:16 2005 (422F3BCC)
    ecf9f000 ed00df00 mrxsmb mrxsmb.sys Fri May 05 18:16:36 2006 (445B2604)
    ed00e000 ed038a00 rdbss rdbss.sys Fri May 05 18:22:51 2006 (445B277B)
    ed039000 ed075da0 Sandbox Sandbox.SYS Thu Oct 26 21:26:58 2006 (4540B7A2)
    ed076000 ed097d00 afd afd.sys Wed Aug 04 14:14:13 2004 (41107EB5)
    ed098000 ed0bfc00 netbt netbt.sys Wed Aug 04 14:14:36 2004 (41107ECC)
    ed0c0000 ed0e0f00 ipnat ipnat.sys Tue Feb 01 05:28:01 2005 (41FEA2E1)
    ed0e1000 ed10e000 FILTNT FILTNT.SYS Fri Oct 20 18:48:40 2006 (4538A988) <-- Outpost firewall
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