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Aug 9, 2009
  1. Hello and thanks in advance for your help with a problem that started a couple weeks ago. I've gone through the 8-step process and am attaching the logs.

    My computer is a Fujitsu C-Series Laptop. I've been running AVG for several years, and upgraded to 8.5 about 3-4 months ago. My PC is for personal use, not business. Can't think of other pertinent info at this time.

    Again, I appreciate any help you can provide.

    • can't update anti-virus/malware (AVG, Malwarebytes, SAS). Browser tells me it can't get to the site.
    • Had several system crashes. A couple of the messages are "KERNEL_INPAGE_STACK_ERROR" and "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA"
    • Crashed several times getting thru the 8-step process. Was able to go back and forth to/from Safe mode.
    • Have noticed do_not_delete.exe (I believe it was in system32 folder, but is now in Windows/prefetch)
    • AVG has seen the "Heur" several times, but it keeps coming back (haven't seen it today, however)
  2. strategic

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    You didn't do the 8-steps properly:slurp:
    Go over it again, and use the programs it wants you to use.
    The virus/malware experts are familiar with how those programs work,
    those are the ones you need to use.:zzz:
  3. jimloth

    jimloth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    8-steps I did

    Step 1. I have run AVG for several years. As for a firewall, I see recommendations here, and plan to install one as soon as I'm back up and running.

    Step 2. I ran CCleaner with everything checked as per instructions. It removed 600MB.

    Step 3. I disabled AVG per instructions.

    Step 4. Installed and ran MBAM as instructed. (I had to go to as the link in the 8-step instructions didn't work for me....see original note about not being able to update anti-virus). Also, I had to go into Safe mode to run Malwarebytes, as my PC crashed in normal mode.

    Step 5. SAS. I tried installing this while I was in Safe mode, but got popup saying "system admin has set policies to prevent this install). I went back to normal mode and was able to install and run it.

    Step 6. Java Runtime Environment. I had upgraded to most current (I think it was 1.6). I verified this from a site I googled that told me which version was running. I then went to add/remove programs to make sure an older version wasn't there.

    Step 7. Verified I was running HJT 2.0.2, then did scan.

    Step 8. Attached the 3 logs.

    Please help me understand what I did wrong.

    Much appreciated...Jim
  4. raybay

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    You used AVG when it hasn't really been effective for 18 months...
    Try a scan with AVAST or Avira Antivir and see what they find... along with SuperAntispyware and MalwareBytes... Then run them again in <SAFE MODE>
  5. Bobbye

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    Jim, three of us who do the malware cleaning are temporarily off. To get the help you need now, I am suggesting that you visit

    State your problem and leave your current logs. Note please that I have referred you there. You have several serious malware infections and will need to be guided through running additional programs.

    What I can tell you is that there are lines in both Mbam and SAS that are suppose to be checked in order to remove what is found. You didn't check those lines. You should update and run each programs again with the lines checked.

    It would be in your best interest at this time to change all of your passwords. I am very sorry you aren't getting the help you need here and strongly suggest you visit the referred site ASAP.

    Edit: Jim, enable this please."I disabled AVG per instructions." You do NOT need to stop it for these scans.
    Do not worry about Java and firewall at this time
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