Restart when loading wrong graphics

By Miller412
Dec 29, 2010
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  1. Hi everyone, first post here. Here's my issue - I just got a new PC for Christmas, which is great. However, the computer was an HP slimline style and the motherboard lacked any PCI-e ports that would accept my Nvidia GT220. So, I swapped out motherboards and put all the components in a new case and everything seemed to boot up fine. However, the motherboard doesn't have onboard graphics and booting the system up in safe mode shows the system crashing every time as the old onboard drivers from the HP motherboard tries to load.

    Any suggestions on what to do? The only two things I can think of are to load up the original HP motherboard with all the components again and boot it up, then install the Nvidia drivers or wipe the hard drive and do a fresh Windows 7 install. Since I don't have a Win7 disc, I would prefer to be able to just disable the old onboard if I can. I know the card won't be installed in the HP motherboard, so I'm not sure that just installing the drivers for the PCI card would work. I guess I could disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS of the HP board, so maybe this will work?

    Thanks in advance for your comments!

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