Retail copies of Fortnite are fetching hundreds of bucks online

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WTF?! It may be hard for some to find the logic in shelling out hundreds of bucks for a copy of a game that’s readily available online for a fraction of that price but that’s exactly what some diehard Fortnite fans are doing.

Fortnite, as you may know, consists of two distinct game modes: the paid-for cooperative PvE mode Save the World and the wildly popular (and free-to-play) Fortnite Battle Royale that launched in September.

What some may not realize (or others simply don’t care about) is the fact that Gearbox Software was commissioned to bring a limited number of retail copies of Fortnite to store shelves last year for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (and the PC in Europe). These copies, which focus on the Save the World mode, are no longer in production and have recently become a hot commodity among collectors.

Over on eBay, a search for recently sold retail copies of the game show it regularly fetching anywhere between $100 and $200 with the occasional listing selling for much more. For whatever reason, it seems as though the PS4 version is more valuable than its Xbox One counterpart. Similar trends can be observed on Amazon’s third-party marketplace.

Nintendo at E3 2018 earlier this month launched Fortnite for the Switch. A version for Android is also in the pipeline but don’t be fooled, it’s not here yet.

Epic Games plans to release Save the World as a free-to-play product later this year but if you can’t wait that long (and don’t want to pay inflated prices for the retail version), you can pick up the Standard Founder’s Pack for under $40.

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I remember purchasing marvel vs capcom 2 for like $39 new when it released then a couple years later trading it in for $70 or so at Gamestop. I thought that was pretty cool.