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Aug 20, 2007
  1. Im not sure if this is posted in the right section sorry if i didnt.

    I have a NetGear FS 116 10/100 router. I have 2 computers that im trying to connect on the internet. When i 1st tried it i was refreshing my LAN and i finally got both internets up after about 1 hour. But about 3 mins later when i kept refreshing it the page couldnt be dispalyed, there was no internet. I can only get internet running fine on 1 computer and not 2. But on my 2nd computer where the net doesnt come up it says that my internet is connected and assigned by DHCP, it says that on my main comp that im running. I also noticed that all lights blink, like for my computer im running now my lights blink and its fine. And only way i can get my other comp on net is if i have it in the same spot i run my 1st computer from and that 1 connects and not the other 1. So i tested every single hub and i can only still get on 1 computer no matter which hub i choose, it wont let me run both at same time. Can someone please help.
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    How many DHCP slots are you allocating in your router? If you are only allocating one, then that is a problem. It should be on one of the default pages in your router config. Give that a look and post back.

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  3. AlbertLionheart

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    I think the netgear is a switch, not a router.
  4. jobeard

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    That's right, the FS116 is a switch and you need a router.

    A switch will not supply the DHCP you need -- instead, the working system
    (which will always be the first one plugged in and made running) gets its
    DHCP from the router which can only supply one address.

    Take the FS116 back to the store and tell'm they sold you the wrong product.
  5. rickk1

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