Rumor: Microsoft working on ARM-friendly Windows OS


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We’ve seen Microsoft shoot down speculation about an ARM-friendly version of Windows before, but it seems that the rumor mill is at it again. According to a report on Bloomberg, the company will use its CES keynote event to unveil some form of Windows running on an ARM processor. The software will reportedly be tailored for battery-powered devices, such as tablet computers and other handhelds.

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I doubt it. Until ARM has more desktop market share it wouldn't be financially justifiable for MS to make the next windows (8 maybe?) run on ARM cpus.


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princeton said:
Guest said:
they are probably thinking about tablets and phones
But they already have mobile OS's that run on ARM.
But not a fully fledged Windows like OS, I've used the Windows enbedded OS and its not great at all.
Windows Phone 7 is not going to be great on tablets unless they seriously modify it, then again, android is proof that it is possible.

Still it would be nice to see a full Windows OS on an arm based tablet, unless Atom really does start to become power effcient.


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A scalable OS that you essentially use the same way would be great. Not being part of the Apple ecosystem, already having a different OS for my phone and for my computer, I don't want to add a third OS for tablet.


really wish I hadn't have sold that ARM stock I bought cheap in 2004....


It took Android to scare M$ into supporting non-Intel cpus again. DEC Alpha was the last one they supported for NT and it never gained popularity (prolly cuz NT sucks). Remember theres talk of using Arm based cpus in server farms since they're more power efficient than Intel.