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S3 Graphics Pro Savage DDR is driving me insane!

By bjsexton ยท 4 replies
Mar 13, 2011
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  1. Hello. having spent nearly all day yesterday and most of today, trying to update my S3 graphics card - nothing has changed.
    Until fairly recently I could play really bog-standard games on my GoWin laptop - suddenly it keeps telling me that I need to update my video card or change the resolution. Anyway, it won't let me play anything. I have downloaded an update from microsoft - but it still shows up as the original driver in the components section. It does not show up as an error in 'problem devices'. it shows no problems at all, and no matter what I do, or say to the laptop, it will not change its' view that I need to update my video card.
    Any ideas PLEASE .......................I normally only travel with my little Asus - but the screen is too small, so this time I travelled with both laptops, and the big one does not want to know !!!!!
  2. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,889

    Go to this site and download the driver for the card. Go into Device Manager and right click on the card. Select Properties from the menu and then under the driver tab select uninstall. Then, if the driver is a .exe file, go to where you saved the driver and double click on it to make it install. Or, when in the Device Manager panel right click on Display Adapters and select Scan for Hardware Changes and then show the wizard where the driver file is located.


    If you get stuck with the please provide the full details of the PC and operating system.
  3. rockyjohns

    rockyjohns TS Rookie Posts: 80

    It following the above instructions don't fix it, try restarting PC after uninstalling the old driver and before installing the new one.
  4. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,889

    Rockyjohns, this is not the way to do it as windows will automatically install a generic driver for the card. Sometimes this can fix a problem where there is an incompatibility problem with the driver or the card. In this case the card has been working OK in the past. The error message received asked for the driver to be updated. If an update does not fix the problem then either the card has developed a fault or it does not reach the minimum requirements of the software that generated the error.
  5. rockyjohns

    rockyjohns TS Rookie Posts: 80

    Of course it installs a generic driver, otherwise you would never have a screen working to do anything, including when you first set up PC. But it is a generic driver intended to be replace. It does not have all of the much more comlex software and registry keys of drivers for current cards.

    Whether one needs to shut off system before installing new driver depends on the OS and the driver version - or more accuragely the version of the install package used and how it is designed to interact with system.

    If the driver would not install the way you recommended, why not try with a restart?

    BJ - what OS are you using?
    The only drivers I saw for you system have not been updated in almost 10 years. Have you found any later ones? Since they stopped updating drivers almost 10 years ago - I am surprised they lasted this long.


    Or are you using some generic MS driver?

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