Samsung 55-inch OLED TV coming later this year, yours for $9,000

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May 11, 2012
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  1. Samsung is planning to release their ES9500 OLED TV in the second half of 2012. The 55-inch television will retail for nearly $9,000 and is set to rival LG's EM9600...

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  2. And there you have it...I'm going to have to upgrade the CPU in my TV. LOL
  3. How many time before humans can buy that thing?
  4. "How many time before humans can buy that thing?"

    - you will have to wait for years before their prices come at atleast $1000, just like what happened to LCD tv's
  5. Pricing is not that bad considering how expensive LCD tv's were when they first rolled out.
    Very excited to see that we're finally seeing the successor to the "ancient" backlit lcd.
  6. jeffz6

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    Still no hologram...
  7. mosu

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    what about durability?..Blue pixels wearing sooner than other colors... is that issue fixed?
  8. Samsung TVs 40" HD picture is all messed up after 2 yrs. The colors are alll looking inverted, it comes an goes and currently stuck inverted, as if the black is missing. DONT BUY SAMSUNG TV!!!!
  9. I've had a 55 inch Samsung 3-D plasma unit for a year and a half and am thrilled with the picture quality. Just watched "The King's Speech" on cable and it felt like an identical experience to when I saw it in a movie theater. And the 3-D is phenomenal, especially when the original is very high quality ("Avatar"). Samsung produces some great products (maybe that's why Sony is losing billions) and as soon as their OLED tech becomes affordable, I'll upgrade to that.

    In the meantime, I'd jump at the chance to buy an OLED tablet.
  10. What a bargain lol looks super but $9000 wow well I know ill be waiting a long time to buy 1 until they come down last tv I bought was a Sony 40" cost me ?2000 still on the wall and working perfect and I see no need to upgrade and I bought it 4 years ago :)
  11. @ guest with 40 inch samsung

    Lol, I have a 40 inch samsung too. Mine started having issues turning on. Did a search of the net to find out that Samsung used a couple faulty capacitors ( to save on costs or something) on the circuit board. Swapped those bastards out with some new ones, and my TV is new again!
  12. Anyone remember when plasmas first came out . . . and now they are really cheap. then came lcd's . . . now those are dirt-cheap . . . same happened with led's.

    oled's offer many advantages . . . hopefully the price will also plummet within 2 - 3 years. purportedly, amsung (and others) are waiting on factories to be outfitted / retrofitted.

    take note . . . samsung also will soon be releasing some oled cell-phones . . . that can actually "bend" . . . purportedly, kyocera also has a model coming out.

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