Samsung adds massive 43-inch 4K model to its all-in-one Smart Monitor line


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Editor's take: Remember Samsung's Smart Monitor revealed last year? It cleverly combines a traditional monitor with a smart TV-style entertainment hub, mobile connectivity, and remote home office features for an all-in-one product. The unit’s largest size was 32 inches, but now a 43-inch 4K version and a 24-inch 1080p model have been added to the line, the former of which should improve television viewing experiences.

Samsung’s all-in-one Smart Monitor launched last November as a do-everything display. It features the company’s Tizen 3.5 operating system found in its smart televisions for streaming built-in apps such as Netflix, Prime, HBO, or YouTube without requiring a PC or link to a mobile device.

Additionally, the monitor can run Microsoft Office 365 applications via a virtual machine without the need for a PC connection—you can link a keyboard and mouse using Bluetooth 4.2. Additionally, those with a Galaxy S8 or newer Galaxy handset can connect to the display wirelessly using Samsung’s DeX utility, which allows for a more PC-like experience.

The Smart Monitor had only been available in 27-inch and 32-inch sizes, but Samsung is adding two more options, including a 43-inch M7 flagship. This 4K model boasts built-in speakers, HDR10 capabilities (though its typical brightness is 300cd/m2, so it misses out on DisplayHDR 400 certification), tiny bezels, a USB Type-C port, and even a solar-powered remote made from recycled plastics. It also comes with a VA panel, two HDMI 2.0 inputs, and a 60Hz refresh rate.

For those after something more portable and cheaper, there’s a 24-inch M5 version that offers a full HD resolution. While it does lack the solar-powered remote, it has the same Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby voice control as the other models.

Samsung hasn’t revealed prices for its new monitors, but we can expect the smallest option to be cheaper than the current $230 27-inch model, while the 43-inch size will doubtlessly be quite a bit pricier than the $400 32-inch M7.

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This looks like an attempt to refurbish super-cheap 43" TV panels that didn't sell, because they have very poor HDR, and so generally not good for anyone - not for gamers (too slow), not for designers (no HDR), not for casual users (too big )

Crap squared into a box, just for you... Walmart thinking.

the 43-inch size will doubtlessly be quite a bit pricier than the $400 32-inch M7
You can find a 43" 4K panel today, with HDMI 2.1 and proper HDR for that kind of money, which would be way better than this "monitor".
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Too big for a monitor. It should be 8K with that size. Useless. The sweet spot for monitors is 32" IMHO.


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Too big for a monitor. It should be 8K with that size. Useless. The sweet spot for monitors is 32" IMHO.
I am currently on a 40" 4k monitor and it is kind of good. No scaling. I think on 32 you will need scaling or things will get too small. Even on 40 its small but bearable.


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I currently use a 4k monitor for productivity: having just a lot of screen real estate really helps you out when doing stuff like coding. Doing 32" (With 120% scaling but I sit fairly close to it, it's just on a regular sized desk) for now and I definitively would love to get a 43 inch screen as it would be basically the same as having 4x 21 inch 1080p monitors without bezels.

However I'd really want this to incorporate instead of a smart tv android device, a proper picture-by-picture set up. Right now I can get my monitor to do 2 displays at the time and that has it's uses but I'd much prefer to have 4x different inputs shown each as a 1080p feed from 4 separate sources.

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Wow, sitting that close to 43" monitor is not nice. 32" @ 4K is sweet spot for desktop monitor IMO but in a 16:10 format, so 3840 x 2400. For 43" size monitor I'd like 6K, but if you'd need a much bigger desk. Actually I think I'd prefer two smaller frameless and almost bezeless monitors to one huge monitor.