Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review: Galaxy Note 4, with a curve

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Jan 8, 2015
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    Samsung isn't afraid to experiment with gimmicks. They love to include heart rate monitors on their smartphones and have web pages scroll with the movement of your eyes. They came out first with smartwatches that take SIM cards. And now, they've also added a curved AMOLED display on their flagship large-screened smartphone. They call this device the Galaxy Note Edge, and it's one of the more interesting devices released in 2014.

    The "Edge" refers to an extra, curved section of AMOLED 160 pixels wide that has been slapped on to the regular 2560 x 1440 Note 4 display. Occasionally it will do a few things, and you'll feel happy you spent an extra $200-300 on the feature. The rest of the time it just sits there; a blank panel that turns heads because it's so unusual. It's a true prototype device, but one that Samsung has also put on the market to tempt consumers.

    Read the complete review.

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  2. VitalyT

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    I think the reviewer has missed the point of this phone - tribute to some unfathomable fashion ideas.

    To best describe the phone and its potential users, instead of "Edge", Samsung should have gone with name "Twisted".
  3. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    Hey Scorpus how about some more video reviews young man? They're far more entertaining to watch than having to wade through pages and pages of gumph and mobile devices lend themselves perfectly to video reviews.
  4. Nobina

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    Well since this is similar to Note 4 there is not much to review except that edge.
  5. andrewdoyle88

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    The metal edges of my phone have dings and dents. How well would a curved screen hold up... stupid.
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  6. Mikwag

    Mikwag TS Rookie

    As someone who has used the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge now for almost a month, I couldn't disagree more with this review.

    Like the original Note 1, which most reviewers panned as ridiculous, I suspect the reviews are written from the perspective of getting their hands on a review model, rather than any in-depth usage. And how wrong those scathing reviewers proved to be when they rubbished the Note 1 3 years ago. EVERY manufacturer has now followed suit with phablets, even "a 4" screen is plenty big enough" Apple!

    The edge is a glimpse of the future of smartphones - and I will almost guarantee this year will see a phone with an edge on each side. I find it amazingly good, despite the fact that this reviewer has problems using it one-handed. I can't believe the nitpicking over a few mm versus the huge extra functionality. By using folders on the Edge I have instant access to all my apps without taking up ANY room on the homescreen. I get notifications there - just look at the mail or Facebook icon on the Edge to see how many new notifications.

    A surface 'skim' over the phone is no review. You've got to use it to appreciate it.
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  7. slamscaper

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    Totally what I would have expected. When I first saw this device, my first thought was that it would be very awkward to hold and use. I applaud Samsung for thinking out of the box and taking a chance, however I don't see this idea taking off. It's just too awkward. The original Note 4 is a fantastic phone and there's no reason not to choose it instead.
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  8. I got to play with an Edge a couple of weeks ago in London. It is a really lovely device (as is the Note 4). I love how Samsung did something so different. It works well for a product with zero third-party app support too. People moan about Samsung just doing the same old thing but this is different and surprisingly cool. The only reason I would get a Note 4 over the Edge is because the Edge does not support Gear VR which is seriously cool!
  9. Anyone remember the Samsung Continuum? People were super excited about it at first until Samsung threw it under the bus and forgot about it as they lost interest. Zero improvements after release. Hope this doesn't happen to the edge as well...

    Review it like a phone with a unique feature. It is nothing different enough to warrant a different type of review just for it. Especially if the feature is of limited use.
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  10. I wonder how easily the glass would break compared to traditional phones? It looks kind of... fragile (no edges protecting the glass).
  11. NinjaUnmatched

    NinjaUnmatched TS Rookie

    Okay why are review sites always trying to refer to Samsung's build designs when these designs have been the defacto designs for years and still is. Just cause companies are STARTING to build phones with aluminum does not mean Samsung build is cheap. When you actually look at it. Samsung has improved the normal plastic phone design.

    I don't think it correct to refer to Samsung phones as cheap in any way. Excluding of course cheaper phones they offer. (You get what you pay for.) You actually added in a comparison of the fingerprint sensor to the iphone? Sorry buddy who cares.

    It's almost obvious that you prefer iphones and seem to be writing this review from that standpoint. I also disagree somewhat with this review based solely on the biased view you have on "Samsung cheapness". I could least Samsung hasn't made a phone that could bend in my pocket.

    If you are gonna compare any Samsung Note phone to an iphone you need to be careful. Be specific in every detail cause an iphone simply cannot do everything that any Note phone can do. The functionality alone makes it worth the money spent and the screen of the iphone is not better than the note 4. Sorry cannot agree there . Seen both on the store played with it. Adjusted the iphone brightness and still note 4 seemed better to me with and without my glasses on. (We all need to remember to account for the OS when looking at the screen. How visually pleasing it is. iOS is more visually pleasing and so ppl tend to wanna say iPhone screens are better.) Iphone 6 screens tend to look slightly washed out. Its that effect you see from a thick screen verses a thinner screen.

    I not an Apple fan but at least when I review I'm objective with it. Your set the tone for your review by referring to Samsung phones being cheap. You were better off leaving that out. Build quality now has classes based on material used to make it but you cannot cross different materials in a review and that is really what the difference is. Sure my phone is plastic but somehow my phone never bends in my sometimes tight pockets. To go further I can compare the iphone 6 to other phones made of metal materials and say the word cheap about the iPhone in that comparison. You kind of get my point?
  12. Scorpus

    Scorpus TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 1,963   +231

    I did use it, and it's bad. I used it as my daily driver for two weeks. In fact I use all my review phones as daily drivers.

    The main problem is that everything about the edge doesn't need the edge at all, as I mentioned. The handy app panel, notifications, etc. could just be implemented as 160px pop-ups over the main screen content with essentially no detriment to other functionality. As you would have noticed, in most apps you have to swipe from the right edge to get the edge panels to display. This gesture, and the edge panels, could be implemented in exactly the same way on the Note 4. It doesn't need a curved display, and might even function better with a standard, flat 16:10 display with 160px allocated to an "edge" just like this handset.

    If you implement a new hardware feature, you actually have to USE it. Samsung did not do this at all.

    The difference between the Edge and the original Note is that the Note was just awkward to hold and took time to get used to, but actually had decent functionality. There is nothing about the Edge that takes time getting used to, aside from getting over how much money you've just wasted on a curved display with few features.

    You mention the notifications, but that's exactly what the Android notification panel is for. You can see in the status bar what your notifications are with ease. And I don't doubt we'll get a phone with two curved edges, I just hope whatever OEM does this actually makes use of it
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  13. Scorpus

    Scorpus TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 1,963   +231

    Quite a few assumptions in here.

    I don't prefer iPhones. I have never reviewed one on TechSpot and don't use them all that frequently.

    The problem with the Note Edge is not that it's not an iPhone. It's that the Note 4 is a lot better. The Note 4 is excellent and deserves your money, especially if you're considering the Note Edge.

    Furthermore I didn't compare the iPhone's display to that of the Note's. Most of the Note Edge's design is quite nice, except for the awkward edge and the faux-leather back which is actually made of plastic. I like the design of the HTC One M8 and Huawei Ascend Mate 7 (which I'm reviewing now) more because of a greater use of aluminium.
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  14. Scorpus

    Scorpus TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 1,963   +231

    Bit busy with CES this week and a few other reviews that are upcoming. Expect more video content shortly.
  15. NinjaUnmatched

    NinjaUnmatched TS Rookie

    Actually you are forgetting a detail. Whenever a new feature comes out the companies start by setting up the software to use that feature a bit. They then allow developers access to it so the feature can then blossom by plethora of ideas. time goes by the bend will have some very useful amd cool uses. I can imagine possibly some games actually using it.
  16. Scorpus

    Scorpus TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 1,963   +231

    Except Samsung didn't do that. They tried, but created something that doesn't need the hardware.

    Also, there's a small amount of third party software available, but most of it doesn't really need the Edge either. Like games, and ticker news services.
  17. NinjaUnmatched

    NinjaUnmatched TS Rookie

    Ok even without the assumptions. I'm going calling it like it usually is. That is one of the first thing Apple fans say to down Android phones. Plastic versus metal is not always better. Actually seen a few accidental iphone falls and the metal picks up scrapes that are seen quite well. Plastic not so easily seen at first glance. The person that prefers a metal phone, plastic will be cheap to them. No biggy just personal preference. I like the HTC line of phone that are metal. I'm just too used to having an Spen now to be content with them. The Spen actually lower some of the stress that I get from phones. I.e. web surfing. I can get at the drop down menus using the Spen. (The hover features allowing your finger are not that great yet in practical use.)

    Well the Note 4 Edge is awkward. The new idea will be awkward. Holding the phone by itself is awkward. Now holding it with certain cases though reduces that awkwardness. Idea being to get a comfortable grip on the phone. I have a Note so getting hands around a larger phone I'm used to. My gf had a Mega 6.3 and I got used to that somewhat. The edge was not that big a deal for me just something to get used to same as when I first bought a Note. More awkward was the feeling like I was missing some space. Almost cramped to the left by the right curved side. Like I was being pushed to the left by some imaginary Again just something to get used to though. The other implementations on other phones with curved screens could have just been left out and stayed flat. No use whatsoever in those phones having a curved screen. The LG I kept thinking the thing would rock off of the table one day. Ever leave your phone on the edge of a table while say just picking up something you dropped?

    So awkward I can relate to but cheap......I cannot. Spending that money definitely does not feel cheap to
  18. Scorpus

    Scorpus TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 1,963   +231

    That is a good point, I personally didn't have to pay for the Edge as Samsung provided me with one.

    I actually think that Samsung's designs have improved greatly this year. The Galaxy S5 looks/feels cheap, but the metal chassis of the Note 4, Note Edge and Alpha are much improved. It feels more solid and looks better. I also prefer the less rounded design of the Note series.

    The only complaint I really have about the build is the back panel, which has a harsh-ish plastic feel. The Galaxy S5's plastic has a nicer coating that's more textured; I wish Samsung had used that over the leather-style plastic (that doesn't really feel or look like leather).
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  19. azazel

    azazel TS Rookie

    I have the note edge and I couldn't disagree more with this review. It is not awkward or painful to use due to the edge. It is very handy and it is lightning quick. It feels the same in my hand as my note 3 did. I would recommend this phone to anyone considering it. The power button on the top is actually more handy than being on the side and I can reach it easily it just takes moving the phone slightly. The edge is really convenient and it scrolls through news and sports scores. The possibilities are limitless with the edge couldn't be happier to have it over the note 4.
  20. NinjaUnmatched

    NinjaUnmatched TS Rookie

    Yeah I thought it a lil awkward but I still agree with you. I did enjoy it. I'm still on a contract at the moment but when I get close I will be looking to move into a note edge. By then I should also be able to do an ebay switcher. Sell note buy note.....
  21. adar1827

    adar1827 TS Rookie

    Agree with Mikwag completely. Of half dozen smart phones and this is best by far. Biggest hassle with multi-screen phones is flipping back and forth to access different apps. Most of the time, this is to return to the half-dozen used regularly. Edge makes this so easy. Watch for Apple 8 Edge in 2017.
  22. dkbroadband

    dkbroadband TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Looks like a solid phone, although a total copy of the new Iphone. I have switched from Apple to Galaxy so I am interested to test out the new Galaxy.

    It'll be interesting to see what HTC will offer to top the new Galaxy.

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