Samsung NP-NF210 persistent power problem

By JimJim2025
Mar 8, 2016
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  1. I'm having a really tough time with a netbook that I just bought from someone on a Facebook buy n sell group. I've followed all the troubleshooting tips that I could find from various online websites and forums. This is my first time posting about a tech issue on any forum and I hope you good folks can help me solve this issue. I also want to say thank you in advance to everyone here for lending your time. Well, here goes...

    I have a Samsung NP-NF210 netbook with 2 GB RAM in an unusable state. It exhibits the following issues:
    -powering off by itself
    -very hard to even get it to turn on and display anything
    -will run for just a few minutes at a time and then shut off, maybe 10 minutes max, but usually shuts off within 2 minutes
    -not overheating at all, its running very quiet and cool

    Additional details:
    The laptop sometimes refuses to turn on at all, however, I still see some led status lights turn on, but nothing comes on the display. I have been able to get it to turn on for a short period after disassembling the laptop and disconnecting all connectors on the motherboard and then reassembling. It also sometimes turns on again after reseating the memory a few times. This still leads to the power shutting off after 2 minutes or so. When the laptop does turn on, the cpu fan does not start spinning immediately. It usually takes about 30 seconds and then turns on.

    Troubleshooting done:
    -reseated memory and tried several different ram sticks
    -tried using a guitar pick to hold the memory more firmly in the socket
    -disconnected all connectors on the motherboard
    -reset cmos battery
    -verified ac adapter for continuity and voltage, voltage being supplied is 19.06 +-0.02 volts
    -I am pretty sure that I am using the original manufacturers ac adapter and it is rated for 19 volts
    -I cleaned the cpu fan and inside of the laptop from all dust and debris
    -applied new arctic silver 5 thermal paste to cpu, cleaned off old paste with 70% isopropyl alcohol
    -removed hard drive and tested with a known good working hard drive

    That's all the troubleshooting I have documented on this problem. Are there any details I forgot to include? Much obliged to everyone here. I eagerly await your assistance :)

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  2. bazz2004

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    I have the Samsung 220n netbook and although I have upgraded it as far as possible it is pretty abyssmal in performance terms. Assuming you got this item very cheaply maybe think about binning it. I've just taken a Canon printer to the recycling that I bought second hand and wasted umpteem hours trying to fix. You are to be complemented on the trouble you have taken to investigate the issue.
  3. Cycloid Torus

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    I think I would agree with bazz2004. I think there are at least two issues. Easiest, I would consider a close look at the power switch and its connection to the motherboard - you may need a new power switch. Other, I think there are failing components or possibly cold solder joint / cracked solder joint on the motherboard (caused by overheating in the dark past). A very close and careful examination of the motherboard might give a solution - but these are really hard to find (and why some folks try the 'hot oven' treatment to reflow the solder).
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