Samsung to launch new Smart TV services at CES


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With CES just around the corner, more companies are announcing their plans for the annual trade show. Expect a huge number of new Samsung products to be at the event, including its three “Smart TV services,” which offer personalized content to consumers based on their preferences.

The services – Sports, Music, and TV Plus – are accessed through Samsung’s Smart Hub platform. The Sports app, as the name suggests, lets users pick their favorite teams and receive updates when they’re playing. A single navigation page will show each teams’ score and which channels are broadcasting the games.  

Right now, the service provides information on games from Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and the National Basketball Association, but Samsung says it plans to expand the range of content with new partners, including NBC Sports, UFC, and more.

The Music service gives Samsung TV owners access to eight music app partners: Spotify, iHeartRadio, Napster, Deezer, Sirius XM, Vevo, Melon and Bugs. It also makes recommendations and lets you identify songs played on live TV or from television programs, much like Shazam.

Finally, there is the TV Plus service, which Samsung says seamlessly combines the linear TV experience with VOD services. It’s already available in South East Asia and the US, and is making its way to Europe this April. CES will see it updated with FandangoNow, which offers more than 40,000 movies and shows to rent or own.

"Customers will no longer have to wait for cable services to offer marathon sessions of their favourite TV shows and can watch immediately just by turning on a TV Plus channel," said the company.

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TS Addict
Also, chances are they won't offer new services to *any* existing TV's per normal. Samsung really pisses me off sometimes.

Ean Mogg

TS Booster
I bought a new Samsung TV in 2005 or and Samsung then a year later they changed the system and brought out new TV's then I couldn't upgrade so the TV became obsolete ...hint DON'T BUY SAMSUNG SMART TV's , weeks later I bought a dumb 3d tv and Sony smart bluray player now I own the Sony X8 4k Android TV best TV I've ever bought .

Chris Hanson

TS Enthusiast
They did a mandatory update and now I have premium ads on my premium TV. Total Bs! And you can't opt out of the ads. Last Samsung item I buy.