SATA cable problem?

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Jun 4, 2012
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  1. Can a loose HD SATA cable cause the HD, and Windows to boot/load/run slow?

    I thought I heard that a loose SATA cable can make the HD not "spin up" on boot, thus giving you a "no boot disk" error?

    A slow spinning hard drive would also affect the accessing of programs as well?

    What other problems can a loose SATA cable create?

  2. Route44

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    SATA cables have to be firmly in place or you are going to have issues many of which you have listed. A SATA cable can be bad in itself causing a system to report issues with your hard drive when the hard drive is not the issue.

    I just helped someone recently in the BSOD forum who was having all kinds of issues with his hard drive including Blue Screens of Death. I had him swap out his SATA cable and the issues ceased.
  3. Dawn1113

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    I'm guessing you'd get BOOTMGR errors -- maybe data corruption, as well? If the power connection component of the cable isn't fully engaged -- and I am not even sure if that's possible -- then perhaps you'd see disk-related errors you would usually associate with a failing PSU? Just guessing.

    I'm curious as to what the more knowledgeable members would say.One of the first things I do when something goes wrong with my PC for no apparent reason -- or at least none that my admittedly feeble and woefully limited knowledge can readily explain -- is check all the cables and connections. :D A noob thing, I suppose.

    EDIT : Oops! There's Route44's answer now. I think we hit "post reply" almost at the same time. Sorry, R44. Didn't see your post in time, hence this edit. Sorry.
  4. Route44

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    Hey! No problem. Seriously, it is always good to have multiple answers. :)
  5. vomacka

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    Thanks for the help everyone. I really appreciate it.

    The reason I asked is that I have three fans (CPU, GPU and case fan) that are all creating vibration in the case/motherboard. I guess the vibration can make a loose fitting SATA cable cause errors.

    I have ordered a new SATA cable that has a locking clip on both ends. Then I will know that the cable will not vibrate loose anymore.

  6. Route44

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    Thanks for the update Scott.
  7. vomacka

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    I removed the old SATA cable and replaced it with a cable with locking clips. Worked like a charm. Now my fans won't be vibrating my cable loose anymore.

    The system runs fin now. I will do a complete diagnostic on the drive to see if there is any file corruption or damaged sectors.

    Thanks guys (and girls).

  8. Route44

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    Excellent! (y)

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