Serious problem with games... all games

By KShaver
Oct 3, 2005
  1. OK, basically whenever I play a game (lately Dawn of War: Winter Assault if curious) in at most 20 minutes, my computer will either
    a.) exit game and return to windows citing some error with game or
    b.) restart citing error by 'unknown device driver' which is likely my video card.

    As you can imagine, both are *highly* annoying. Same problem occured on previous system, which had:

    Windows XP Pro
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128
    Soyo Dragon II plus MB
    Pentium IV 2.6GHz w/HT
    1024MB PC3200 DDR RAM
    Audigy II Platinum

    and the new system:

    Windows XP Pro
    BFG 6800 GT
    Asus P4C800-E Deluxe MB
    Pentium IV 2.6GHz w/HT <-same as previous
    1024MB PC3200 DDR RAM <-same as previous
    Audigy II Platinum <-same as previous

    ATI said it was obviously my fault, and BFG says it might be the card, but since it occured on two systems I can't see why. Could it be the memory/pentium/soundcard/harddrive?

    Why would it randomly crash all the time? I can provide any more information as required to assist the diagnosis.

    I'm a senior in Aerospace Engineering and damn do I need to relax after a long day of crappy homework, so any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 330

    Well. since it's not vid card biased, perhaps it's the game? Are there any updates to the game?
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