Severe LAN Issues

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Dec 26, 2006
  1. Weird LAN problems.

    Here's what I desperately want to learn how to do.

    My brother and I want to play WC III together. I have two pcs in my room hooked together with a ethernet cable.

    What steps should I follow to guarantee a positive result when trying to play a LAN game together?

    My setup was working once I had turned off the firewalls. But I once started up the computers w/o the cable and it hasn't worked since.

    I do have a wireless connection on my laptop that I once tried to share unsuccessfully for some reason. (not a big deal though). When this WAS working, my wireless connection had to be turned off. This may be part of the problem...

    I tried telling XP to make my ip and the other with the mask being the usual and nada.

    When connection appears to be "working" according to windows, but when I open it up to see the packets, nothing is going. No lights are flashing. Nothing. Only when I ping does anything occur. It seems my setup will ONLY send packets, never receive. Pings do work as they should which is the really weird part. Since pings work it can't be a hardware issues can it? This is quite irritating.
  2. tipstir

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    Router could be defective or not working correctly. I've you shutdown all PCs and turned them off.

    Power off the Router then power it on again within a 3sec delay..
    Turning on one PC at a time does it connect to the Router?

    If after all is done and you still get the problem? You could either update the firmware on the Router or just go and get another one. If you're seeing packet loss could be due to a defective router.
  3. bobber205

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    That's what I would have thought, except I don't own a router. I haven't in years. ;)

    It's just a plain ethernet cord between computers. I can ping and everything.

    I do, when I set the ip one my laptop to:

    and I have the other one "get ip automatically", it often freezes, but then usually tells me that this connection has "limited connectivity" or something. No ip is addressed. Nothing.

    If I set the second PC to the same above except for it still doesn't work.
  4. SteveAK

    SteveAK TS Rookie

    What are you using for a firewall? Zone Alarm won't allow internet connection sharing unless you buy Zone Alarm Pro.
  5. Kevin16

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    I dont think your gateway address is

    It is probably, so i would try to assign addresses from 100-255.

    example for PC1
  6. jobeard

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    the net mask is identical on both
    the IP addresses are unique, anything from 2-254!
    the gateway on one should be the IP address of the other :)

    as you're totally isolated from the internet, disable BOTH firewalls and
    have fun :)
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