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should I blow this up?

By Stroller
Apr 26, 2007
  1. Hi there. I sure hope someone can maybe help me get this thing back. Well I am on the messed up unit now. A few weeks ago it went totaly haywire. My Adobe reader program files was opening on start up first of all. Then the thing started freezing but the mouse cursor would still move and I could minimize pages but that was it. The way it is loading is like all the CPU useage or memory is maxed out. Then porgrams like Word wouldn't not close. I have XP pro SP2 and Net7.

    When I try to close the net I get messages like iexplorer or Auto suggest drop down or Search Glow is not responding. When I do open Word it may take from 5-10 minutes to load and then again if even to close. When I first turn the thing on I can gaurantee on having to push the power to shut it off then try again. I have many online scanners and came out with various to no results. I just ran Trend Micro again and it showed 4 spywares. Adware coupons, Fun Webproducts and HackingTools_Cain and TSPY_Zlob.

    I was using Avast but it didn't find anything. Since I am trying OneCare live and AVG. I use Adware and Spybot S&D. I also have paid versions of RegCure and PcBug doctor. I am no pc tech so I need all the help I can get. I don't play games on this, not is it loaded with mondo amounts of movies and pics or even music. I don't download any of them either. I have ran Hijack this a couple times as well as Brute Force Extractor, been to Ewido and then another that takes out the temp files as well, other than tools/options/tempfiles & cookies.

    I have cable net feed and use a Belkin Wireless router for my lap top. Now heres another deal and I don't know if this is part of too. I have my pc and lap top set to allow printer sharing. Can this change the firewall settings? When this happened I thought I got highjacked. My wireless is passworded and I used my XP cd to finialize the set up to allow the stuff to happen, other than passwording via the magical Wizard. Before all of this in my control panel/ network connections I could see both my cable modem and my wireless router. Now I see my Intel proV. When I check my firewall settings it show the thing is off, but will not allow me to turn it on, this is on my desk top, lap top still shows my Belkin Router.

    Both AVG and OneCare show the fire wall settings are good. But still I am confuzed about this. Also everytime I run S&D it shows the Fire wall settings are bad. So theres the little check boxes I check them, hit fix and nope no change. The only that has changed on my home page is the back ground color, I changed it to blue then it went back to drab white. So now I have given up. This will work fine the Pow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's dead till I shut it off then try again. With what I have done to get it to this point the Adobe isn't coming on now, I don't see it any way. Also I don't realy hear the HD buzz anymore. This things going on, I think 4 years old. Basic set up and was our first pc. I have ran check disk and nothing there. I defrag regularly and use the disk cleanup. I am at about 57% free space if that matters before I put it to death if I have to. This is super anoying and very unstable.

    So with all that back ground can anyone help please?
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Yes Stroller,
    blow this system up!

    A format and OS reinstall might help :)
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